The RR management committee meeting on 10 July discussed the introduction of charges for Rubbish collection from the Reading Room. Members heard that, due to changes in Wiltshire Council’s refuse collection service, pick-ups from non-residential premises would no longer be free. Hills Waste was taking over the service and would charge the Reading Room £8.05 per week with effect from 31 July. It was agreed on a sixth month trial basis that the Reading Room would not sign up to the new paid-for service but instead ask individual RR hirers to take their own rubbish away. The black wheelie bin and bottle box have now been removed from outside the Reading Room. The RR management committee apologises to hirers for any inconvenience but hopes they will be understanding of the situation. The arrangement will be reviewed in January.

The Reading Room management committee is very appreciative of the Parish Council’s £500 grant for the coming year. This will help cover the cost of the Reading Room’s annual buildings and pubic liability insurance, plus increased electricity rates.

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